2. Select another group for comparing your hardware specification with and justify why your specification is better than the selected group.


amira marfur said...
20 July 2013 at 22:02

Yes...absolutely our laptop is better than their laptop in various aspect. However, I am really agree with the point that stated our laptop price is cheaper than their laptop and it is really suit for us as a student who still depending on our parents money.

Muhamad Affan said...
21 July 2013 at 01:03

Surely our chosen laptop which is ASUS A55V Series Laptop is more better than other groups choice. I would like to compare our hardware specification with group 7. They choose Apple Macbook Pro MD 102LL/A 13.3- Inch Laptop as their ideal computer. But, Asus A55v has more advantage than Apple Macbook. One of the advantage is it more cheaper and use Microsoft Bases Computer that are widely used. This is because Microsoft for the moment has the market share when it comes to both home and business computers. Besides, Apple Macbook computers is that they are comparatively more expensive to initially buy, the computer cannot be upgraded or customised and very few computer games are available in Mac form so the user will need to run Windows to play many of the computer games available for computer. Thank you :)

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